Manuel Gomes

When Manuel discovered in his early 40s that he was both aspie and ADD, he was already an accomplished technologist, systems strategist and consultant with an international career spanning over 20 years. He’d performed many roles, from software engineer to leader, mentor, trainer, recruiter, and adviser to executives and boards.

A systematic review of his accumulated personal and professional experiences in light of his neurodivergence explained much, and suggested strategies for mobilising and leveraging the latent asset of neurodiversity into a game-changing shift towards agility, adaptability, resilience, and innovation.

Manuel has since accumulated further knowledge and innovative practice in the recruitment, training, mentoring and management of both neurodivergent and neurodiverse teams in technology and operations. His role as a moderator of the world's largest autistic community (90,000 members across all continents) since 2018 has also gifted him with a large board of advisers.

Manuel strongly believes that divergence from the neurological norm is not pathological. Rather, neurodivergence is part of the healthy diversity of human neurological expression our species needs to deal adaptively with deep change.



  • Keynotes
  • Opportunity identification
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Pilots & implementation
  • Work design
    • Recruitment
    • Placement
    • Role design
  • Training & coaching


  • Neurodiversity
    • Holistic NT/ND perspectives
    • Latent assets & strategies
  • Agility
  • Complexity & uncertainty
  • Knowledge work
  • Innovation
  • Software development
  • Business metrics